Video Conferencing


Video Conferencing


We are proud to offer high definition video conferencing with one of South Africa’s specialist companies in this field, Varista Communication Technology. Using our brand new 100Mbps fibre connectivity with Varista’s industry leading equipment and expertise, you are sure to experience the best this exciting technology has to offer. Now you can include overseas delegates in your meetings via video or schedule a day of distance interviews – the opportunities are limitless.

Ask our Conference co-ordinator about including video conferencing in your next meeting.

The video technology can accommodate delegates according to our various room capacities. When you book with us our service provider, Varista manages all aspects of your video requirements including testing. We also have a video technician on site to manage your call. That’s one less thing you need to worry about when planning your conference.

Additional services like teleconferencing or connecting several locations into the same video call are all also available.

Professionally delivered, business video conferencing is used extensively in all industries. Below are the top benefits video conferencing delivers to most organisations.:

  • Reduces travel costs
  • Increased productivity across dispersed workforces and teams
  • Improved hiring and retention of top talent
  • Support for environmental initiatives
  • Sustained competitive advantage

If you are considering using video conferencing with your next booking but need additional information, we are happy to meet with you to discuss the options.

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